What is PLR and Why You Should Consider Buying It for Your Business

Private label rights (PLR) is a type of intellectual property license that allows the purchaser to resell, repackage, and/or modify content in any manner they choose. It was originally designed for private label brands but can be used by businesses as well.

There are many advantages to buying PLR for your business including access to high-quality content without having to create it yourself, increased profit margins because you do not have to pay someone else an hourly rate or per word rate, and more!

This blog post will explore private label rights in depth so you know where this information fits into your business model.

What is private label rights?

Private label right is usually known as PLR and it is a way of getting content for your business without writing all of it yourself.

The private label rights license is a type of copyright that is granted to the purchaser. Different sellers have their own rights details but generally, it allows you to use the content as if you have created it yourself and often says that you can’t put the creator’s name on it.

In other words, you can publish a blog post as if you wrote it. Or you can sell an eBook as if you wrote it.

What are reseller rights?

Reseller rights for PLR take things a step further and allow you to sell the content or products yourself for PLR. Confused?

So let’s say you bought a pack of 10 articles from me. You could then add them to your blog to start building your expertise on the topic.

Or you could turn around to your audience and sell the content to them for them to use it on their blog as if it was their content.

Not all PLR includes reseller rights and if it does, it is usually more expensive than the basic packages. But if you find it and think that your audience might want to sell the content, this is something to watch for.

What kind of products are available with PLR?

There’s a huge scale of things that are available with PLR and across almost every niche you can image. Some examples include:

  • Blog posts
  • Planners and checklists
  • Colouring pages
  • eBooks and long form articles
  • Cheat sheets and other email freebies
  • Recipes with and without pictures
  • Templates for graphics
  • Socia media content

Personally, I’ve bought PLR for almost every niche I deal with ranging from internet marketing to gardening, essential oils to cocktails.

Is all PLR top quality?

Sadly, no, not all PLR is top quality. Just like anything on the internet, some people pop things together without any real care for the quality they create.

However, I’ve started to build a list of people I follow who produce top quality content (including me!) and these are the people that I recommend on my email newsletter. These are people I’ve had content from either directly or in part of a bundle so I know their stuff is good.

Grab my free guide

Get the best deals in PLR and also grab my free guide to find out how to create your entire funnel with private label rights content!

If you are researching PLR content yourself, take a look at customer reviews, their Facebook page and if other PLR sellers are recommending them.

Will you get in trouble for duplicate content?

One of the most confusing things you’ll hear about PLR is that it will get you a ban from Google for duplicate content.

For starters, Google doesn’t ban anyone, they simply don’t send them traffic. But your whole site would need to be an exact copy of someone else’s for this to happen.

When Google talks about duplicate content, what they mean is if you have the same content more than once on your own site.

But you should still think about tweaking the PLR content that you buy to make it a little more unique and to add your own personality to it. That’s just good content marketing!

Make your content marketing easy

PLR is a great way to get content about a topic you want to cover but don’t always want to write about yourself. It can be ideal to start a website quickly and to build a content bank to link to and promote. Or it can be the basis to use something like Jarvis, the AI content writing tool, to add to the content and make it even more unique.

Just do a little research on your seller to make sure it is the best possible quality.

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